About me

Hi there! Welcome to my ode to food, The Eating Spree. If you’d like to hear about why and how I started this site, click here

My love of food started very young, I was always the first at the table and the last to leave. I’ve always experimented with my tastes and in the kitchen, and have always felt such accomplishment when I made something other people loved to eat. I also love to write, so why not share both?

I travel a whole lot. That’s the other thing I love. I work as a stewardess on yachts and so I get to see a lot of this little planet of ours! And evidently, I get to eat all over the world. It’s crazy, most cuisines just transport me back to a time in the country it belongs to. I’ve just finished a year long trip with my boyfriend Lachie, where we discovered Japan and Thailand, flew to Panama and bussed to Costa Rica, bought a creaking and dilapidated old Jeep in Nicaragua and drove it to Mexico, and then an old ambulance that we camped in through the United States and Canada. It’s been a year! I will definitely be telling you fragmented and disorganized ramblings of these travels on top of my food explorations. I am half French and half Australian, my parents living in France and my siblings in Australia. I tend to come home to my home in Chamonix Mont Blanc, which I’ve written a little about here, whenever I can. It is just too beautiful to leave behind for too long.

So I hope you enjoy my ramblings and my foodventures and may they make you dream and salivate!