San Francisco and Hog Island Oyster Co.

Today I want to write about a sunny day in June in of last year. During our road trip in our beloved ambulance (which you can read a little about here), we stayed a few days in one of my favorite American cities; San Francisco. It’s actually where we bought the ambulance, we loved it so much we wanted to return when we came back through, a few months after the purchase.

The beautiful sideways city of San Francisco is truly something to experience. The architecture is as if straight out of a movie – built along the the slopes of the hills of the area, so that the center feels like you’re constantly craning your neck to realign your reality.

For me, my reality was this; strolling along the streets of the city, scouring for the best coffee. A delightful grilled cheese to go, munching it down by the water. A cool breeze taking the seagulls above my head to newer heights. Watching the tram full of people, huffing and puffing on up the hill, like it has since the late 1800s. And, finally, a seafood feast at Hog Island Oyster Co, overlooking the water, at Ferry Building 1.

We stumbled upon it by chance, when the restaurant was still setting up, whilst enjoying a Blue Bottle latte (delicious, by the way). There was already people waiting outside, even though the place didn’t open for another half an hour. And so we decided we would come back later and join the queue, and see what the fuss was about. Boy, were we happy we braved the queue! What an afternoon, filled with laughter, many oysters, and lots of wine.

The first time we visited we drank more wine than we ate food, so we only shared a clam chowder (which was my very first time eating this!) and some oysters. We did not make this mistake the second time we went! We came with a friend who was living in San Francisco at the time and we shared the chowder again, some more oysters, but also enjoyed the seafood stew and some mussels. Absolutely delicious! There’s nothing like eating seafood and drinking wine with friends on the water.

When the queue has a counter and you can drink wine while you wait… worth the wait!

I often think about those few days, and when I find myself on the seaside with a cool breeze at my back, it carries with it a resonance from a much loved slanted city, San Francisco.

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