My go-to easy healthy meals for roadtrips

This post is for all those who struggle with straying away from the unhealthy car snacks that end in empty crisp packets piled on the dashboard and various crushed cans flooding the floor at your feet. I get it, it’s tough I know. Especially when part of a roadtrip is the fun of eating on the road. Well, for me it is anyway.

During our trip around North America I had to adapt to making food on the road that would be quick, tasty, and as healthy as possible. I would have turned into a balloon by the end if I had stuck to my usual on-the-road diet of crisps, chocolate and loud Taylor Swift songs (and I will hear no judgement as all music is fair game on a road trip, accompanied by loud and unnecessary screams of completely wrong lyrics). So I’ve compiled a small selection of pictures and how-to’s from my favourite meals to whisk up when on the road.

First up is a classic rice cracker. These babies are an essential in any pantry in my opinion – you can top them up with anything and they would be delicious! Make sure you check the ingredients before you buy – they should only have rice and salt. I stick to a topping formula of smashed avo, vegetables (usually tomato and cucumber), toppings like thinly sliced red onion and herbs such as coriander, and finish it off with some spices! I tend to sprinkle some paprika and chilli flakes and of course, salt and pepper. A drizzle of olive oil is also highly recommended!

Couscous boats were also a big hit. I have made couscous since I was little as it was something we enjoyed a lot with my family. I usually thinly cut up some vegetables such as tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, red onion and bell peppers and mix it with a herb, dry couscous, olive oil salt and pepper to taste and lots of lemon juice. Leave aside for 20 minutes and the lemon’s acidity will cook the couscous much like it does ceviche! I like to spoon mine into romaine lettuce leaves for extra crunch.

Another great healthy meal that is also really fun to make with whoever you are travelling with or even on your own is rice paper rolls. Just cut up some veggies into julienne (I usually use carrot, cucumber, red bell peppers and avocado), and cook some vermicelli noodles by following the instructions on the packaging. I also like to mix some canned tuna with sweet chilli, Sriracha and smooth peanut butter to make a satay tuna roll. Make each roll one by one by soaking the rice paper sheet in a dish of hot water until soft (usually about 10 seconds), and laying it on a flat damp surface. Add your vegetables, some herbs, the tuna and the noodles into the middle. Bring both sides and bottom into the middle and roll like a burrito!

I make these sushi bowls for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking as it requires very little work and makes a filling and deliciously healthy meal. I call it the sushi bowl, and it’s pretty much deconstructed sushi. All you have to do is cook some rice (I always choose brown rice), cut up your favourite veggies into julienne (cucumber, carrot, bell pepper and avocado in my case) add some tuna if you’d like and some herbs and cut some nori sheets into squares. I then pour some soy sauce into my bowl and spoon my fillings into each sheet like a sushi taco!

And last but not least, the trusty wrap. Easy, delicious and so versatile – I fill mine with a bunch of vegetables, lots of lettuce and some olive oil, hot sauce and salt and pepper! Veggie wraps are not to be underestimated – their deliciousness will shock you.

2 thoughts on “My go-to easy healthy meals for roadtrips

  1. So many great suggestions! Also, I eaten couscous a million times and had no idea it can be made dry with lemon juice. Now, I’m super curious to try it.


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