How to: make muffins on a campfire

Hello, I’m back!
The yacht was docked in Martinique for a few weeks and then Barbados for a few days so I’ve been distracted having my afternoons and weekends to myself again. I ate (a lot), and explored and of course, worked. I haven’t written much because truthfully, I didn’t have much to say about the food in Martinique. Creole food is not my favourite, I’ll admit, but I may write about it eventually even if it wasn’t an overall particularly foodie stay.

Today I am reminiscent of my time in our converted ambulance traveling through the United States and Canada last year. I was remembering a particular day when Lachie and I made muffins – on the campfire!

Mind. Blown. Right? I found a picture on google and found a million posts about it (mostly from mum blogs for their kids… no shame that I was so excited at the prospect of making it for Lachie and I). These are a lot of fun to make but also really messy, so bring a good attitude and some kitchen roll and get stuck in!

We were in Utah, camped out in the desert having spent the day exploring Arches National Park. With the arid landscape of the outskirts of the park providing the backdrop for our afternoon, we set to work on building the fire.

Please note that the cooking times will vary depending on how hot your fire is – the best results will occur in the hot coals after your campfire has burnt out.

For this you will need :
– 1 packet of just-add-water muffin mix. We used a lemon poppyseed mix (Betty Crocker) as we thought it would go well with the orange but you can choose whatever you like!
– 6 medium oranges (this will vary depending on the size of your oranges)
– Drinking water
– Nutella if you are chocolate obsessed, like I am.

Now, you’ve built your fire and it’s nice and hot. Follow the instructions of your muffin mix pack and put the batter together.
Cut your oranges in half and scoop out the pulp as much as you can.
Pour the batter into half of each orange, so that you have approximately 6 halves full of batter. Using a teaspoon, scoop some Nutella into the middle of each batter half and press it into the centre with your finger. This can get messy! Extra spoons and impatient boyfriends / girlfriends are recommended for this step.

Place the other (empty) half of each orange on top so as to cover the batter. This creates enough room for the muffins to rise.
Wrap them in two layers of foil so that it doesn’t burn through, and place them into the fire. This step is a little tricky – we weren’t sure where the best spot would be, and as we were too eager, our fire was not quite hot enough. It ended up taking a long time – about 20-30 minutes for us but if your fire is really hot, or you are burying the oranges in the hot coals of a burned down fire – I would check after 10 minutes. Make sure you turn them a couple of times so that it cooks evenly.

And that’s the main idea! Using tongs, take out the muffins to check on the cooking progress, and once you are happy that they are cooked through, remove the foil and orange skin. Voila! The result was perfect – the muffins were moist, the Nutella a great addition, and the orange casing infused the batter with flavour. Success!

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